What is pre cut window tint?

About our pre cut tint kits

We have a database containing the exact measurements of the windows for nearly every make and model of car in the world.

Using these templates, we can supply you with a roll of window film where the shape of the windows of your car will already be cut out. All you need to do is peel the film off and apply it to your window - the hard part is done for you.

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How we get the templates

One of our team of professional window tinters will go about tinting a car and cutting the film to shape by hand. When all windows have been cut to shape, the templates are scanned and converted into computerised templates where they are stored in our database.

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How we cut the film

The templates for the required car are retrieved from our database and loaded onto our templating software. Our high-tech cutting machine is then loaded with the correct shade of our high performance window film and then the templates are machine-cut to size, rolled up and packaged in a hardened postal tube ready to send out.

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What you get in your kit

Your front pre cut window tint kit will include the drivers and passengers front windows but not the front windscreen.

Your rear pre cut window tint kit will include all windows behind the front windows - including the rear windscreen, quarter light windows and any other windows to the rear of the car.

All kits are supplied with full fitting instructions and there will be some spare film for you to practice with before you begin.

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Templates are first cut out by hand
1. Templates are first cut out by hand and then scanned onto a computer

Kits are machine cut to order
2. Kits are then machine cut to order using the scanned templates

Supplied in hardened postal tube
3. Film is carefully rolled and packaged in a hardened postal tube ready to send

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